What to Expect on Your First Orthodontic Visit

When you first get an appointment to see your orthodontist, the unknown can make anyone nervous. You’ve likely never experienced an orthodontist’s office before, and you may not know what to expect. Read on to learn what you can expect on your first orthodontic visit.

Look in Your Mouth

To properly determine the treatment you’ll need, one of the first things your orthodontist will need to do in your initial visit is to look at your teeth, gums and jaws.  To help the orthodontist have a more comprehensive look at your mouth, an orthodontic assistant will first take photos of your face and mouth from various angles, as well as an x-ray, and in some cases a scan to create digital models.  Then prior to meeting you, the doctor will review all of these records, so that he can identify general orthodontic problem areas that need to be reviewed and addressed.  This is when you will meet the orthodontist, who will review your dental history and discuss with you any specific things that you’d like fixed in regards to your smile. This is your opportunity to let them know about the things that bother you or that you would like to change about your smile. It will be important to let your orthodontist know If you struggle with jaw pain, get a lot of cavities in certain areas, or have other oral health concerns.  After doing all of this, your orthodontist will look in your mouth and use all of the gathered information to create a diagnosis and a comprehensive plan of what treatment you should receive.

Discuss Treatment Options

After your orthodontist has determined any issues your teeth have, they will then be able to discuss treatment options with you. Depending on your orthodontist, you’ll have a variety of treatment options that can offer you different benefits. McAllister Orthodontics has a wide variety of treatment options that your orthodontist will discuss with you in your initial appointment. It’s also important to listen to your orthodontist’s recommendations at this time. They know these treatment options and all of their pros and cons so they will be able to recommend the one that best suits your wants, needs, and budget. After settling on a treatment plan, it’s time to get started, and in an attempt to be convenient to you, McAllister Orthodontics makes time to start the same day.  If a same-day start doesn’t work for your schedule, the treatment coordinator will set up your next appointment during this time, scheduling a time to get started with your braces or aligners..

Payment Options

It is common knowledge that orthodontic treatment can be  pricey. While the transformational results of orthodontic treatment are well worth the cost, it can be daunting for many people to figure out how to pay for it.  At your initial consultation, the orthodontic treatment coordinator will help you figure out a payment plan that works for you. They will also help you file for any benefits your dental insurance may provide. At McAllister Orthodontics, we are well known for our flexible financing, and our willingness to help our patients and their families find a way to afford treatment.

Your initial appointment with your orthodontist helps you get everything in order to begin your treatment.  There is no reason to be nervous about your initial appointment.  This will be an exciting visit, and you will be able to accomplish a lot.  Text or call McAllister Orthodontics at 402-392-1516 to set up an appointment today!

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