How to Know if You Need Braces

If you have ever thought about getting braces, now may be the time to take the first step. Getting braces helps straighten your smile and also corrects many dental issues that could lead to serious dental problems down the road. Read on to learn how to know if you need braces.

You’re Insecure With Your Smile

People may get braces for many reasons. While there are many medical reasons an individual may choose to get braces, you shouldn’t ignore the valid choice that you’re doing it because you want to. If you have crooked teeth, or gaps in between your teeth, you may find yourself insecure with your smile. There is nothing wrong or ugly about your unique smile. However, if you decide that it would boost your confidence to straighten your teeth, that’s a viable reason to get braces. Meet with your dentist, and speak with them about your concerns. They’ll be able to recommend an orthodontist that can help you get the treatment you want. By the end of the treatment, you’ll have a smile you’re confident with.

Bite Issues

Another way you can know if you need braces is if you have bite issues. There are a handful of bite issues that you may deal with. The most common are an underbite or overbite, which mean that your teeth and jaw are aligned incorrectly. However, there are also crossbites, which are a mix of the two, and open bites. An open bite is usually caused by sucking your thumb or a pacifier as a child. This pushes your teeth forward so that they don’t close fully when you bite down. These issues can collectively lead to speech impediments, more cavities, and more wear on your teeth. Luckily, orthodontic treatment can correct all of these issues before they become too serious.

Jaw Pain

The last symptom that can indicate a need for braces is frequent jaw pain. When your jaw is out of alignment, it can lead to headaches, and make it more difficult to yawn, smile, chew, or even speak. This can all make you incredibly uncomfortable and bring unnecessary discomfort. When you get braces and other orthodontic treatments, you can realign your jaw into the correct position. This gets rid of the pain and helps you more easily perform these daily tasks. If you’re experiencing jaw pain or any symptoms associated with a misaligned jaw, speak to your dentist about getting braces. You’ll be able to resolve this issue and enjoy a straight new smile.

Getting braces is becoming more and more common, but it can still be tricky to know whether or not they’re the best choice for you. Braces can help you fix a slew of issues, and keep your dental health at its best for years to come. These are a few of the ways you may be able to tell if you need braces.

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