Support Your Favorite Team With Every Smile

Traditional braces have never been considered an accessory. Your parent’s braces fixed their smile, but they didn’t have the chance to express themselves during the process. Today’s braces have changed. They are more effective and they can be customized to let you show how much you love your favorite team.

Husker Braces®

Wild Smiles Mascot Braces® give Cornhusker fans the chance to show their love for the Huskers with every smile. Husker Braces® are designer braces that correct your smile with style. They’re effective and fun. With Husker Braces®, you can have the University of Nebraska’s iconic “N” on the front bracket of your braces.

Husker Braces logo

Why Choose Husker Braces®?

Husker Braces® make wearing braces fun. Before Wild Smiles released its custom bracket options, there were just standard square bracket braces. Sure they were and are effective, but they’re not inspiring. When you have teenagers that need braces, giving them the option to be unique and express themselves with their braces is a great motivator and instills confidence and excitement.

  • Correction First – Husker Braces® are real braces. The only difference is the shape of the bracket plate. The effectiveness is the same. Thousands of orthodontists offer Wild Smiles designer braces to patients.
  • Confidence Builder – Husker Braces® give young patients new confidence so they can embrace their smile correction journey. And it’s an opportunity to show support for their favorite team year-round.
  • Aesthetic Pleaser – Young people with new braces often don’t want to smile and show their braces. Husker Braces® encourages more smiling and less hiding because they look like fun accessories rather than corrective dental devices.

Ready for Husker Braces®?

If you or a loved one needs dental braces and wants them to be Husker Braces®, we can make it happen. Make an appointment today and we’ll walk you through the process of getting started with Husker Braces.