Patient Rewards


We are thrilled you have chosen to join the McAllister Orthodontics family!  To show our appreciation and to help motivate you to do your part to get the best possible treatment results, we have created this Patient Rewards Program.  Here’s how it works:

Step 1:

At every scheduled adjustment appointment* you will have the opportunity to earn McTokens for doing the following.

  • Be on time to your appointment = 1 McToken
  • Have nothing loose or broken since your last adjustment = 1 McToken
  • Have good oral hygiene (on the Crest Pro Health Scale) = 1 McToken
  • Wear your McAllister Orthodontics T-shirt to your appointment = 1 McToken
  • Bring proof of a dental cleaning since your last adjustment* = 2 McTokens
  • Earn all 1’s and 2’s on your most recent report card* = 2 McTokens
  • Tag McAllister Orthodontics in a positive social media post = 3 McTokens
  • Write a 5 star Google review of McAllister Orthodontics = 5 McTokens
  • Refer a friend who comes for a consultation = 5 McTokens

Step 2:

Trade your McTokens for cool prizes!

*McTokens are only awarded at regularly scheduled adjustments.  No McTokens will be awarded at emergency or repair appointments. McTokens for dental cleanings or report cards will only be awarded one time for every cleaning or report card.
Rewards winner and prize case at McAllister Ortho
Rewards winner at McAllister Ortho
Rewards points winner at McAllister Ortho