What Sets Us Apart

what sets us apart

Orthodontics is a team sport! Exceptional smiles can only result from the combined efforts of trained and dedicated staff, willing and compliant patients, and a caring doctor who is continuously learning. At McAllister Orthodontics, we are proud of the team we have assembled. Each staff member was selected for her friendly personality and service-oriented attitude. Each is well-trained and skilled in the techniques necessary to provide comfortable, efficient, and effective care. We feel that communication is extremely important, so we pride ourselves on communicating with patients and parents at each appointment about what we have done and how treatment is progressing.

What sets us apart?

We respect YOUR time.

  • We make appointment times available that work with your schedule.
  • We strive to seat you promptly and to do as much as we can to advance your treatment at each visit.
  • Most importantly, we strive to finish your treatment in less time than we estimated at your initial consultation wherever possible.

We respect YOUR finances.

  • We don’t let finances get in the way of achieving an excellent smile! We offer several flexible, no-interest options for financing your treatment. 

We strive to exceed YOUR expectations.

  • We are committed to constant improvement. We are perpetually seeking education and training in the latest techniques and implementing new technologies to make our care more comfortable and efficient, while maintaining superior service and excellent treatment results. 
  • Although we pride ourselves on our professionalism, we also believe that we can’t take ourselves too seriously. If we are truly going to improve your smile, it is part of our job to help you exercise it when you come to see us! We highly value a good sense of humor and we strive to be creative in making your time in our office more enjoyable.

what sets us apart

We seek to understand and meet YOUR needs.

  • We welcome your feedback and we encourage you to ask questions and share your opinions. Your opinions matter to us, and we consider all patient feedback when making decisions that affect you.  
  • Dr. McAllister speaks fluent Spanish, so for those Spanish-speaking patients who struggle with English, no translator is needed to ensure that we understand your needs.

We commit to achieving YOUR goals.

  • We have a smile guarantee that addresses relapse for patients treated in our office. Patients who have relapsed in the first year after removal of their braces can have limited braces placed to correct the minor relapse for three months or less for only the cost of the replacement retainer. 
  • For patients who experience relapse after the first year of retainer wear, the smile guarantee will allow them to have braces put back on without a contract, on a month-to-month basis, for a reasonable monthly fee until they are happy.
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